Emotional Behaviors            - Anger
   Low Self Esteem
   - Relationship With Money
   - Negative Outlook

Improve Sleep

   - Lose Weight
   - Understand Your Purpose
   - Pursue Your Passion

       Depression & Anxiety         Social Anxiety
   Panic Attacks
   Suicidal Ideations

           Substance Abuse           - Alcohol
   - Caffeine
   - Drugs

        Relationship Issues
   - Communication

   - Intimacy
   - Barriers

                   Trauma                     - Childhood                         
- Sexual
  - Emotional
  - Physical
  - Loss
  - Disasters
  - Combat

             Fears & Phobias           - Flying                                   - Aging
  - The Ocean
  - Heights
  - Failure
  - Success
  - Commitment

         Negative Behaviors             Nail Biting
   Ticks                                          - Eating Disorders
    - Procrastination


White Sand and Stone

Before Hypnosis

Ying yang.png

There will be a short review of some basic administrative questions

Ying yang.png

We will discuss the details related to what you would like to address during the session

Ying yang.png

I will explain what you can expect to experience during the hypnosis portion

Hypnosis Portion

Ying yang.png

This is where the therapeutic work is done

Ying yang.png

Expect to simply feel relaxed with closed eyes. You'll be reclined in a comfortable chair 

Ying yang.png

We will be in dialogue most of the time. At no time will you be asleep or unaware of your surroundings

After the Session

Ying yang.png

We will not review your session in detail.  We will, however, go over some key details

Ying yang.png

You will receive some guidance related to how to allow the process to be integrated

Ying yang.png

We will check-in on the phone two days and ten days after your session

This portion takes about 10 minutes

This portion lasts about 2 hours

This portion takes about 30 minutes

Ying yang.png

A laptop or desktop is required. Cellphones are not appropriate.

Ying yang.png

A headset with a microphone is necessary.

Ying yang.png

A quiet safe space where you will not be interupted by people or pets

Online sessions are just as effective as if you are in person