Image: Maja Healing, Tree Room 


Urban Buddha Wellness blends a holistic approach so that our clients can live with purpose and feel unlimited.

Life can be challenging and habits can interfere with our livelihood and overall well-being. With this, finding the proper solution to overcome those challenges is important for life balance.

Working with the mind, at every level, to change behaviors and thought patterns through hypnotherapy and coaching has proven to be an effective approach for overcoming many of life's obstacles. 

Our integrated approach to hypnotherapy enables clients to discover and release the root cause of their behavior, emotions and habits at the subconscious level.

Honoring the power of the conscious mind and it's challenges when we want to improve our relationships or self, our coaches apply effective techniques to guide change and to lead you to goal achievement. 

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Live With Purpose



"I saw Chris for hypnotherapy to stop having fear when flying.  It is unbelievable!!!  My first flight was a day after the hypnotherapy session and I wasn't afraid at all!!!  I flew two more times after that and it's a miracle. Now flying in an airplane opens me to a new perspective"
- Mila R.

"In the midst of a panic attack my sister recommended that I see Chris.  He generously freed his schedule and guided me to feel grounded in a distressed time. During the hypnotherapy, he managed to bring me deep into some issues that I did not realize were actual issues. He helped me release my sadness and so many other feelings that I needed to let go of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chris".
- Tamina K.

Relationship Coaching

 "After a few sessions with Chris, we saw a huge change in the dynamics of our relationship. Chris masterfully had insight to the root cause of our problems and guided us to dissolve the barriers.  His "homework" tools are fun, creative and inspired us in many ways.  
A few months ago I felt so frustrated and trapped. With Chris' expertise, our relationship is blooming again.  We are getting along so well now, it's hard to imagine when we were not.  I am excited about our future together.  Tommie and I couldn't be more grateful for Chris and his creative skillset."

- Audrey and Tommie N.

"I started working with Chris two months ago, and I cannot believe the change in my life. I have clarity for the first time in years, I can practically see my future. The sheer motivation and support that I get from him is amazing. I cannot stress how fantastic he is with guiding a path with a plan. For once in my life I am excited to be alive! 10/10"

- Annie M.